Research Articles

Pepper Sales Research & Data

We’re particular about our produce so we looked into how consumers really thought about their purchases.

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Baloian Farms: Sophia La Rosa

We knew our Italian Sweet Flats were sweet – but we wanted to be sure. We spent a full season doing third party audits to determine just how sweet.

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Online Consumer Research & New Product Potential

We know our peppers and squash are important to our farming and sales program. We’re constantly trying to find new and simple ways to bring them to consumer tables. We conducted an online survey asking how consumers use our produce and asked for thoughts on some new product ideas. We’ll keep the new stuff a surprise, but here’s what we found out!

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Purchase Behavior

  • Peppers rank 6th in items now bought that previously were lower in sales
    • Improvements in varieties and packaging are causing a rise in sales
  • Consumers are more likely to buy in bulk and choose sweet peppers over hot
    • Of sweet peppers most purchase red, yellow and orange packs over stoplight even though green is most popular
    • Jalapeños are the most purchased hot pepper
  • Packaged peppers provide value and convenience
  • Mini Peppers are an occasional purchase for consumers
  • Squash is typically bought in a mix of green and yellow

Consumption Behavior

  • Consumers cook peppers and use them raw as a snack or in salads
  • Mini peppers are sliced for salads or recipes and used as snacks with/without dip
  • Squash is most commonly prepared by sautéing
  • Eggplant purchase is low because consumers are unsure how to cook it
  • Consumers react positively to products that are convenient and ready-to-use

We took these results and applied them to our products. We are working on bringing our consumers quality and convenient produce.