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The Baloian family immigrated to the Untied States from Armenia to escape the massacres of their people by the Turkish government.

By 1917, Charles Baloian had established himself as a farmer with a 70 acre ranch in Staten Island, New York. During harvest, he would take his produce by horse and wagon across the Staten Island Ferry and sell it on the New York City market. Charles also took a contract from the U.S. Government to grow beans for the Armed Forces as they prepared for war in Europe.

This marks the beginning of the Baloian family’s 100  year history in the produce industry!

The New York winters proved to be too harsh for some of the health conditions that developed in the family. Charles and his wife Baidzar chose Fresno, California as their new home because Charles had friends from Armenia who had settled there and it was the perfect place to continue farming.

Black Frost strikes the San Joaquin Valley and Charles’ first crop on the vines is destroyed. The second crop, though small, looked promising enough to pay the mortgage. Charles and Baidzar’s second son Edward is born. Unexpected rainfaill destroys much of the second crop the day after his birth. This is one of the most challenging years for Charles and Baidzar financially, mentally and physically.


Charles perserves through the challenges of the prior year and saves enough to purchase a wagon and horse that allows him to sell his fruits and vegetables door to door in the neighborhood and local markets in Fresno. Baidzar also tends her own garden for extra money and to sell to customers.

timeline 1922

Charles, Baidzar, and their sons James and Edward



Charles purchases a one ton Rio truck providing him with more mobility and increased business opportunities. Soon, Charles and Baidzar accept a contract to run an Economy fruit and vegetable stand on the Economy Market (equivalent to chain grocery stores today).

Charles recognizes a need for produce to be transported from growing regions to areas of high demand, and begins transporting items like grapes and tree fruit to San Fransisco. Charles always stopped on the California Coast to purchase specialty items like artichokes, broccoli and Brussel sprouts to take back to Fresno to sell. He never returned to Fresno with an empty truck. In this year, the business grew significalty as Charles transformed his business model and made a name for himself across California with merchants and farmers for his quality product, honest nature and timely cash payments.

timeline 1926

Charles, Moses Avakian (Rancher & family friend from Armenia), James and Edward


Charles raises a “Charles Baloian Company” sign at his fruit and vegetable stand at the Economy Market.


Charles and other merchants become tired of rent increases and form an association. Together they purchase land in Fresno and open the Produce and Growers Market on G Street and El Dorado.


The Charles Baloian Company continues to grow and soon they move to the largest stall at the Produce and Growers Market.

Charles’ two sons, James and Edward, begin to take on important roles in the family business and have a mutual admiration of each others work ethic.
James said of Edward, “My brother could do the work of three to four men. His energy was boundless, and his knowledge of mechanics kept our small fleet of trucks running.”

Edward said of James, “My brother was a working fool,” speaking of his stamina and ability to work all hours of the day and night.


James is one of the first numbers to be drawn in the draft lottery after the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor. Edward is drafted later that summer, leaving Charles to manage the growing company on his own.

timeline 1942 1 timeline 1942 2


At the end of the war, New Year’s Eve day 1946, James and Edwards unknowingly meet at Camp Beale in Marysville, California while they are both being discharged from the Army. The brothers return to Fresno to find that the business has suffered as a result of Charles’ illness and their absence. The brothers immediately returned to work and took over management. Their eagerness to grow the family business stronger than ever put the company back on its feet.


The Company moves to 1340 G Street with more space and cold storage rooms.


Charles begins to purchase parcels of land in the hopes of one day having a centralized facility for all of the company’s operations.

timeline 1961

Left to right: James Baloian, Rose Baloian, Robert Manselian, John Manselian, Irene Baloian (sister), Ed Baloian, Dorothy Baloian.


Edward expands the business into the Pacific Northwest and Western Canadian markets while James begins experimenting with the idea of wrapping produce in clear plastic for preservation.


Charles and his sons Ed and James, form Pam Pak Distributors, Inc. “Pam Pak” represented the pampered treatment of the produce, and today it serves as our label for retail grade produce. The new company expanded quickly and began marketing vegetables from a variety of growers in the local area to out of state markets.

timeline 1965

Pam Pak Distributing facility in Fresno, California.


Pam Pak Distributors, Inc. began its own farming operations which allowed them to control quality from the field to the packing house and develop a program with more consistent and reliable supplies for their customers.


Charles Baloian Co., Inc. is sold to Pacific Gamble Robinson. James retires.

Pam-Pak Distributors continues to expand its farming operations as it starts to grow Tomatoes, Squash, Cucumbers and Beans in Yettem, CA. to complement the program in Fresno, CA.


Yosh Kamine begins working full-time as Pam- Pak Distributor’s Farming Manager. Previously, he worked on the dock as a teenager and farmed Pam-Pak produce with his father. Today, Yosh is Baloian Farm’s Farming Manager and President.

timeline 1980


Ed and his son Tim start Baloian Packing Co, Inc.

timeline 1986


Recognizing the need to provide consistent supplies and control the quality and flow of product, Baloian Packing expands its growing operations by forming a partnership with Drew Belk in the Coachella Valley. This addition complements the existing program in the San Joaquin Valley.

timeline 1987

Drew Belk and Julie Baloian in the Coachella Valley Romaine field.


On October 13, 1993 the Baloian Packing facility was destroyed as a result of fire by arson.

timeline 1993 1

timeline 1993 2

timeline 1993 3

timeline 1993 4

A carton pulled from the remains of the fire is framed in the entrance of our headquarters in Fresno, California. The plaque reads “October 13, 1993.” “Tried By Fire” The plaque also quotes from the Bible 1 Peter 1:7 : “These have come so that the proven genuineness of your faith—of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire—may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed.”


Baloian Packing expands it growing operations by forming a partnership with the Fanucchi Family in the Bakersfield and Arvin area. Again, filling the production gaps to provide more consistent supplies of fresh vegetables.

timeline 1994

The Fanucchi Family in Bakersfield, California: Vince, Mark, Joe, Charlie, Cathy


Baloian packing expands it growing operations to Oxnard, Hollister, and Stockton.

timeline 2000 2012

The Filice Family in Hollister, Cailfornia: Kay and Chris


Baloian Packing Company formally changed its name to Baloian Farms and completed the construction of a 122,000 square foot cold storage facility and packing area which is where we are located today.

timeline 2006


Baloian Farms starts developing relationships with family growers in Mexico and begins shipping product from Nogales, Arizona. This marked the first year of our capability to supply green peppers, red peppers, eggplant and squash year-round.


Ed, Tim and Julie Baloian


Baloian Farms completes the installation of a 1,098 kw solar system.

timeline 2016


The Baloian family celebrates 100 years in the produce industry!

timeline 2017

The Baloian family enjoys their Christmas potluck tradition. These are just some of the people that we are proud to call part of our family; while many members move with the harvest and spend the Winter and Spring seasons in Coachella, California and Nogales, Arizona.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of the Baloian team and made this possible!

Currently, we have fourth generation Baloian’s working in the company, and we have a fifth generation that has expressed an interest in contributing to our future. The Baloian Family is not only made up of people with that last name but all the people that have contributed to working towards accomplishing our mission statement. Our greatest asset is our people. It is their hard work and innovative ideas that keep us going.

A word from Timothy Baloian- On a personal note. I have had the privilege of being part of this Baloian Family business for over 45 years. I have seen many challenges with failures and successes. The one constant has been our faith in God, knowing he is in control. God has been faithful to us. He may not have given us what we want, but he has always given us what we need. I give all the credit and glory to God. Proverbs 3:5,6.