Food Safety

Food safety and security are among our highest priorities to ensure that your product is as safe as possible. Our stringent Food Safety Plan follows the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) that follow the food safety programs outlined by the Food & Drug Administration, United States Department of Agriculture and our customers.

Safe & Responsible Practices

This program also allows us to manage a highly detailed trace recall program. It can quickly trace products to their growing origins while also monitoring our products from farm to distribution, making sure employees and drivers use safe and responsible practices.

Auditing Standards

We use a variety of auditing standards including the LGMA, USDA, NSF Davis Fresh and Primus Labs programs to ensure our food safety program is comprehensive, effective and properly implemented. To optimize our operations, audits are performed regularly and include onsite inspections of ranches, harvest crews, packing operations and distribution centers. In addition, we inspect every truck that comes to our dock before it is loaded.

More Resources

Rest assured that when you buy from Baloian Farms, you are making a safe, responsible decision.

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