Storing Hard Squash

Acorn Squash

When planning on longer-term storage of most squash, curing the squash will be necessary. Curing simply means storing squash at a warm temperature with good air circulation for approximately 10-14 days to allow the excess water contained in the fruit to be depleted. If storing Acorn squash, curing will not be necessary.

Once cured, squash store best in cooler, dark environments, such as a shelf, cabinet or drawer in a pantry or closet. Wrap the individual squash in cloth or paper and ensure that they are not touching each other to prevent bruising. While in storage, check squash regularly for developing soft spots (if so, use soon) and turn them often.

Storage life will depend on the variety; Acorn Squash typically stores 4 weeks, Spaghetti Squash will store approximately 4-5 weeks and Butternut Squash approximately up to 6 months.