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Pepper Sales Research & Data

We’re particular about our produce so we looked into how consumers really thought about their purchases.

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Baloian Farms: Sophia La Rosa

We knew our Italian Sweet Flats were sweet – but we wanted to be sure. We spent a full season doing third party audits to determine just how sweet.

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Online Consumer Research & New Product Potential

We know our peppers and squash are important to our farming and sales program. We’re constantly trying to find new and simple ways to bring them to consumer tables. We conducted an online survey asking how consumers use our produce and asked for thoughts on some new product ideas. We’ll keep the new stuff a surprise, but here’s what we found out!

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Consumption & Trends

• Sweet onions have the highest percentage of onion category share

• Onion consumption is up 70% in the last two decades

• Onions used in blooms, rings, salads, and on sandwiches and pizzas have risen in fast casual dining in the past decade

Lab Test Results

Lab tests were conducted to verify the sweetness. Tests were conducted by an independent third party. Sweet onions are considered sweet with a pungency level of less than a 3.5

In terms of flavor strength (good taste):

• Sophia La Rosa onions rated much lower than other onions tested

• Low Flavor Strength is an indication of a sweet “easy eating” onion

In terms of tear factor:

• Sophia la Rosa onions had an LF factor between 2-3.5 meaning less hot - no tears.

• Sophia pungency rate was significantly lower than most other onions tested and equal to or less than Vidalias in some cases.

Selling Sophia La Rosa

Our research shows that 79% of households with $100,000 or greater purchase onions.

The product is available in 2 count bags and to retailers in 40 and 25 pound bulk shipments.

Premium packaging is used to highlight the unique characteristics of these onions and appeal to a higher income foodie demographic of consumers.



* According to research conducted and compiled by FullTilt Marketing