Our Story

As a fourth generation family farm our roots date back to our humble beginnings in 1917. Our Armenian parents, grandparents and great-grandparents stressed the importance of hard work, honesty, humility and a job well done that honors both our family name and the God we serve. We have grown over the years and have changed with the times, but our values have remained the same – stay true to our faith and do what we do best: grow the best in premium quality vegetables.

In the Beginning

In the beginning, the first generation of Baloians farmed in New York before the call of the West drew them to California. This is where they would make their home and grow their family and their farm in California's Central Valley near Fresno. Today, we still farm in Fresno, but we also have farm locations throughout California and Mexico so we can offer year-round vegetables throughout the United States and Canada.

Our Products

Our products can be found in both Pam Pak and Baloian Farms branded packaging. In the early days, Pam Pak was selected as our brand, Pam being short for "pampered." Today, we still pamper the product, but are proud of our family history and want to tell our story. Expect to see more products in the Baloian Farms brand.

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