Sophia la Rosa

Grown exclusively in California's Central Valley near Fresno, Sophia la Rosa is an Italian sweet flat red onion with a mild, sweet flavor.Sophia Bag Independent lab tests verify that this onion has virtually no "tear factor" or "hotness factor" and was the sweetest red onion tested and equal to other non-red sweet onions, according to a company press release.

Sophia la Rosa's unique flavor characteristics can be attributed to its generations of curated quality.

"We take great pride in Sophia's quality and flavor," Jeremy Lane, sales manager of Baloian Farms, said in a press release. "We hand harvest the seeds, as well as hand plant the transplants to ensure that each onion maintains its unique heirloom characteristics and meets our high quality standards."

Because Sophia la Rosa is an exclusive heirloom variety, there will be a limited availability of volume between Memorial Day and the beginning of July. The onions will be presented to consumers in a high-graphic, two-count handled bag, along with a dynamic merchandising display that portrays Sophia la Rosa's premium appeal. Bulk purchasing will also be available for the medium, jumbo and colossal sizes.

"With onion consumption being steadily on the rise, and especially the increase in popularity of unique quality heirloom products, we believe Sophia la Rosa will encourage further consumption of red onions and help increase total sales for the category," Lane said in the release. "We are constantly striving to bring more variety and innovation and we look forward to sharing this premium and exclusive product with our customers."


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